Immersive Moments

Using immersive binaural sound to transport listeners to British Airways destinations.

Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year and also the most popular day to book a summer holiday. How can we grab attention in the over saturated January Sale?



Holiday memories go far beyond a photograph, it’s the sounds and feeling of being immersed in that moment that we hold onto. Using Binaural recording, we will create an “Immersive Moments” experience through Spotify, producing a distinctive and genuine 360 sound where listeners will feel immersed and transported to British Airways destinations. To launch “Immersive Moments”, British Airways seats will be placed in busy city locations, offering the public the chance to escape reality, and become immersed within another environment.


To test the capabilities of an immersive recording, we 3D-printed and built our own, low budget, Binaural microphone.

British Airways